Easy To Use Alarm Centers

In today’s world, you have a responsibility to protect your employees and your investment from crime. ARA Security Integrators offers a wide variety of flexible, easy-to use keypads that put security and convenience at your fingertips while reducing false alarms and training time We offer a variety talking keypads versions designed for commercial fire or revolutionary, menu-driven graphic user interfaces that let you control your system with a single touch.


Control panels provide the central processing and logic for an integrated system. In a typical system, there are four major functions: inputs, outputs, user interfaces and communication. When an alarm initiating device, such as a motion detector, glassbreak sensor, manual fire alarm box or smoke detector is activated into alarm, it changes the state of the zone input to which it is connected. The zone input reports the status change to the control panel, which then uses its communication method to report the alarm to a central monitoring facility. In addition, the control panel activates local sounders and other notification appliances and providesm status information at user interfaces such as keypads and fire alarm command centers where the system can be controlled and interrogated.


ARA Security Integrators offers an array of motion sensors that are unsurpassed in the industry. Sophisticated, technology-based development and assessment processes drive, our sensors exceed industry standards for quality performance.

The IntelliBeam sensors combine all the great features of high-end photobeams in a cost-effective dual detector, offering the ultimate protection at an incredible value. Available in single and dual models, there’s an IntelliBeam to suit any application and distance.


No more codes or buzzing. No more flashing lights. Just convenient, sophisticated and user-friendly features that make security system operation easier than ever! ARA Security Integrators offers comfortable, soft-touch keys labeled with simple commands

• A convenient Family Message Center
• Customized function keys programmable to contact emergency personnel; can be color coded for easy use
• Voice Keypad speaks to you providing security system status and zone information
• Contoured, removable door concealing illuminated soft-touch keys
• Sleek, attractive while console blends with any décor and can be placed on a wall or tabletop


We specialise in designing and installing high quality alarm systems.